"Come find me, detectives!"
Carmen Sandiego

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? is an American animated television series based on the series of computer games. The show was produced by DIC Entertainment/Program Exchange and originally aired Saturday mornings on Fox during its Fox Kids block. Its episodes have subsequently been repeated on the Fox Family Channel (now Freeform), PAX (now Ion), Fox Family's short-lived girlz Channel, The Hub (now Discovery Family) and Qubo until 2018. The series won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program in 1995 and in the same year was spun off into a Where in the World-styled video game entitled Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective.


Following the plot of the Carmen Sandiego franchise, this series sees international thief Carmen Sandiego (voiced by Rita Moreno) lead the organization V.I.L.E. in stealing treasures from around the world, and leaving clues behind for ACME (no relation to the company Wile E. Coyote gets his gadgets from) agents Zack (voiced by Scott Menville) and Ivy (voiced by Jennifer Hale), under the guidance of the Chief (voiced by Rodger Bumpass), to capture her. In this version, Carmen Sandiego is a former agent of ACME who left when she sought a greater challenge, and has a strong code of ethics when stealing items. The Player is a live-action unseen character who bookends acts by communicating with Carmen; it is implied that to them the television series is a video game that they are playing from a computer.

While Carmen is originally presented as the show's antagonist, as the series progresses she becomes more like an anti-hero; other characters who assume the role of 'villain' include: former Carmen henchwoman and mad scientist Dr. Sara Bellum who goes rogue, a hostile and violent criminal Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom (voiced by Tim Curry) who sought revenge on Carmen for capturing him in 1985 when she was a detective. Mason Dixon, a henchman who betrayed V.I.L.E., and Lee Jordan (voiced by David Coburn), a conceited and unscrupulous agent who once caught Carmen but since became embittered by his fame and the lack of challenge; he left ACME and wanted to become a VILE agent, but his philosophies clashed with those of Carmen so he was fired.




  • A reboot series was produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and DHX Media, and is available for streaming on Netflix (as with She-Ra, The Magic School Bus and Denver's reboots).
  • This aired on Ion Television's predecessor Pax TV.
  • Scott Menville (Zack's voice actor) also voiced Robin in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!.
  • Rodger Bumpass (the voice of the Chief) also voices Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants.


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