"This is a job for The Zula Patrol!"
Bula’s Catchphrase

The Zula Patrol is a CGI animated television series aimed at preschoolers to 2nd Graders that started airing on public television stations (most of them affiliated with PBS) in 2005 and runs on Qubo every so often. It also airs on Christian TV channel Smile TV. Created by Deb Manchester in 2005. This series was designed to entertain while promoting an understanding of science and astronomy through engaging character-driven stories, which focus on specific educational science learning objectives. In every episode, the characters demonstrate inquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills. They also model inquisitiveness, observation, self-reflection, and social experiences that encourage collaboration, teamwork, and an excitement for scientific exploration and problem solving.


Move over, George Jetson! The 21st century's newest space team, The Zula Patrol, has arrived. Stalwart Captain Bula, brainiac Professor Multo, feisty hot-doggin' space pilot Zeeter, the amazing space pet Gorga and twin flying companions Wizzy & Wigg are the lovably wacky characters who will take children on a roller coaster fun ride across the Universe - and teach them critical facts about science and astronomy in the process. In addition to science, the show also promotes literacy, positive learning attitudes, tolerance, problem-solving skills and finding solutions in a methodical way.



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