Spliced is a Canadian animated television series produced by Teletoon and Nelvana. The series made its world premiere on Disney XD in Latin America on April 20, 2009. The series has aired in Canada on Teletoon, in the United States on Qubo, in Australia on ABC Me, in the United Kingdom on Nicktoons, in Latin America on Disney XD, and in Sweden on Nickelodeon. The series began airing in the United States on Qubo on September 19, 2009 until the network dropped it from its lineup on October 24, 2009 but returned on September 28, 2010 as part of its "Night Owl" block and was discontinued on March 31, 2012. Beginning early in 2014, YTV began airing reruns on weekdays. From 2014-15, the series was added onto the "Always On" digital platform of Cartoon Network in the United States.


The series is a modern take of H. G. Wells' 1896 science-fiction fantasy, The Island of Doctor Moreau. Spliced marginally distorts Wells' characters in this modern twist by making the mutants the result of genetic experiments created by recombinant DNA rather than Wells' original vivisection process. As with the original story, these experimental results, plus one platypus not in the original story, live on an isolated tropical island that is called "Keep Away Island" in the cartoon. The mad scientist who created them was arrested and removed by authorities via boat. Left to their own devices, these mutated beasts form a functional society.


  • This series was created by Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott, who also developed Grossology.
  • Although this show is Canadian, it premiered in the US on Qubo several months before its debut on its home channel Teletoon.
  • As you can see, this series had a very short run on Qubo. It ran for a month before being taken off the lineup, and it wouldn't be shown again until September 28, 2010, when it was added to Qubo Night Owl.
  • After Qubo lost the license to this show in 2012, Cartoon Network acquired the rights in 2014, putting the show on and Cartoon Network On Demand. It is unknown if it aired on the linear channel or not.