"We ducks do almost anything but sit. Who named this show anyway?"
―Bill (promo for Cartoon Network's run)

Sitting Ducks is an American children's animated television series based on the 1970s "Sitting Ducks" lithograph and the 1998 children's book of the same name, created by the poster artist Michael Bedard. Sitting Ducks first appeared in 2001 in Europe, later debuting in United States on Cartoon Network. The show lasted for two seasons each comprising thirteen episodes, with the last episode shown on July 5, 2003. Reruns of the show were aired on Qubo in 2007 and was later aired as part of its Qubo Night Owl block until June 30, 2012, when NBCUniversal left Qubo to focus on their existing joint-venture, PBS Kids Sprout (then Sprout in 2013, Universal Kids in 2017).


The show takes place in a town called Ducktown and focuses on a duck named Bill and his best friend Aldo, an alligator from the neighboring town of Swampwood. As ducks are a favorite snack of the alligators, Bill and Aldo's friendship is rather unusual. The pair usually end up in varied situations and adventures, getting around on Bill's scooter.

Sitting Duck