"Splitsboro is a violent and scary place. Being a sidekick is dangerous."
―Miss Mushpickle (Little Orphan Eric)

Sidekick is a Canadian animated television comedy series created by Todd Kauffman (former co-director of Total Drama, and later co-creator of Grojband and Looped) and Joey So. The series first aired in Canada on September 3, 2010 on YTV. The series ended on September 14, 2013. YTV ceased reruns on December 30, 2016. However, Qubo still airs reruns as of March 27, 2017.


The series is about an orphan boy named Eric, with his best friend Trevor and his two female friends, Vana and Kitty, who are training to become sidekicks at the Academy for Aspiring Sidekicks in the city of Splittsboro. While dealing with intense sidekick training, Eric must also contend with his strict guardian Maxum Brain, his grumpy teacher Professor Pamplemoose, the evil Master XOX and keeping secret the disappearance of his superhero mentor Maxum Man from the city.


  • The series is based on the original shorts originally titled The Not-So-Superheroic Adventures of Sidekick aired as part of the 2005 TV series, Funpak.
  • In the episode "Eric and Trevor’s Mediocre Adventure," two scenes where turtle Vana and Kitty have a burping and farting contest were edited out by Qubo. [1] [2]



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