"See your future, be your future!"
―Warren Buffett (Be Cool to Your School)

Secret Millionaires Club is an American animated television series that premiered on Discovery Family (when it was The Hub), and a series of 26 webisodes available to view on a dedicated website. The series features Warren Buffett (voiced by himself in 2011–2013, Guy Pinkham in 2013–2014) as a secret mentor to a group of kids who learn practical life lessons during fun-filled adventures in business.

All 26 episodes of the TV series were planned to air on Hub Network, but only 22 episodes have aired after Secret Millionaires Club was removed on October 12, 2014; a day before Hub Network was rebranded into Discovery Family. The series did not return for the 2015–2016 season, but as of December 26, 2016, the show found a new home on Qubo, which aired all 26 episodes. The series also currently airs reruns on Kid Genius, (originally announced as Smart TV) a channel on Xfinity On Demand. The first 11 episodes are available to view on Popcornflix.


Warren Buffett is a mentor to a group of entrepreneurial kids whose adventures lead them to encounter financial and business problems to solve. The program teaches the basics of financial literacy and the entrepreneurial spirit. Special guests include Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Nick Cannon and Shaquille O'Neal.



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