"Sandra Occhiaperti, Fairy Tale Detective. That hypnotized green thing is my assistant, Fo."
―Sandra Occhiaperti (Forest Without Magic)

Sandra the Fairy Tale Detective is a Spanish-Indian-Portuguese animated television series created by Imira Productions. The series revolves around a young girl named Sandra who solves mysteries with her friend Fo the elf. Many of the fairy tales in this show were already adapted in some way, shape or form by Disney.


Sandra is a little girl who is the lone descendant from a long line of fairytale detectives. Sandra seems like other kids her age, but when her assistant and friend Fo, a 500-year-old elf, arrives to say that there's a problem over in The Land of Fairy Tales, Sandra dons her overcoat and jumps into action. Whatever the mystery, Sandra is on the case!



  • This show features cameos from another series, Lola & Virginia, which is also created by Myriam Ballestreros. It's featured as a show within a show.
  • Although this series is targeted towards kids, the episode "The Toy Room" features a Satan jack-in-the-box as the main villain, complete with the hell star.


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