Sammy's Story Shop is an educational cartoon series created by Scholastic Entertainment that has aired on Qubo. Its hosts are Sammy, Sharlene and Wiggy, who make stories in their "magic pan". The animated stories that appear in his pan are made by other studios, known for their animated versions of popular children's books.


A Story-Chef magically cooks up stories for his best friends, Wiggy and Sharlene, to enjoy. Sammy’s Story Shop is a television series for kids ages 2 to 6 that blends imaginative play with the magic of storytelling to truly bring best-selling children’s books to life. Featuring fun and engaging animated hosts and selections from Weston Woods Studio’s award-winning shorts, Sammy’s Story Shop promises to delight, entertain and inspire young viewers worldwide.


  • This is the only anthology series to have aired on Qubo.