"This looks like a case for Sally Bollywood Investigations!"
Sally Bollywood (Mr. Big)

Sally Bollywood is a French–Australian animated television show co-produced by the French company Tele Images Kids and by Australia's Three's a Company. The series was originally broadcast on France 3 and on Seven Network in Australia. Two seasons have been produced, each consisting of 52 11-minute episodes.


The series revolves around Sally, a 12-year-old Indian girl who lives in the fictional city of Cosmopolis, where people of various nationalities and ethnic groups make up the population. Her father, Harry Bollywood, is a private detective, which has inspired Sally to start her own investigative service, Sally Bollywood Investigations (SBI), located in the basement of their home. Sally and her best friend Doowee MacAdam generally investigate cases brought to them by their schoolmates by travelling around their local neighbourhood, with Sally using her skills of detection and Doowee using technology he invents.