Piggley Winks lived with his parents Padrig and Elly and his younger sister Molly at Raloo Farm in Ireland during the 1950s. His best friends are Dannan O'Mallard, a duck who lives in a hut by a pond with her rarely seen grandmother, and Fernando Toro, known as Ferny, a young bull who lives with his father, the Spanish blacksmith Don Toro in the village of Tara. His rival is the main antagonist, Hector McBadger.

Piggley lives his everyday life on the farm as a normal child, going to school, helping his parents, taking care of his sister, and having adventures, almost always followed by his friends. He has always been interested in stories and legends, and his fertile mind and mischievous spirit put him in many unpredictable situations, like believing fairies turned Ferny into a bug, trying to hatch a supposed dragon's egg, using the Salmon of Knowledge to pass the school exam, and even trying to capture the legendary Fir Darrig.


Spry and wry, Grandpa Piggley has a genuine “gift of gab.” Once he sits down to tell his grandchildren a tale from his childhood, it doesn’t take but a minute for the squirmy little piglets to settle down and focus in.

And Grandpa Piggley is not above self- aggrandizement. The hero of his tale is more often than not a tremendously bright and brave and talented young pig named Piggley. As the tale goes on and we dissolve back into the past, we realize that his fond memories are often in direct opposition to what really went on! Of course his grandchildren are always ready to break into his tale and call his bluff – insisting on the real story – keeping him honest.

Sort of…

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