"A fairy is always honest and wise, and forever hidden from a person's eyes!"
―Pearlie and Opal

Pearlie is a 2009 Australian/Canadian animated comedy series based on the children's book series Pearlie the Park Fairy by Wendy Harmer. Pearlie is a co-production between Australian children's television producer Sticky Pictures and Canadian animation house Nelvana. The series aired on Network Ten and ABC Me in Australia, YTV in Canada, Pop Girl/Pop in the United Kingdom, and airs reruns on Qubo in the United States. Australian media distributor Madman Entertainment released five DVDs of Pearlie in 2010.


Pearlie is a park fairy appointed by Fairy Headquarters to keep Jubilee Park in order. She is full of over-the-top plans for parties and events for the park and its residents, and as she puts it, "everything has to be perfect" for whatever it is she's planning. She is assisted by Jasper, an elf who prefers to not do any real work. There is also Opal, an outback fairy from Australia sent to learn the ropes of park management from Pearlie.

Pearlie’s cousin Saphira is jealous of Pearlie’s popularity in the fairy world and desperately wants her to be fired. With her assistant Ludwig, a common bat, Saphira sets out to spoil perky Pearlie’s day any way she can. Pearlie remains oblivious—always thinking the best of her cousin—while Opal and Jasper are aware of Saphira's plans.


  • At the end of each episode (in the 12 duplicate episodes), there's a made-for-Qubo segment, Pearlie's Pearls of Wisdom, where Pearlie recaps what happened in the episode and its moral.
  • A rerun of the episodes "Tooth Affairy" and "Trick in the Stick" was the last program to ever air on the Qubo on NBC block before that got replaced by NBC Kids, which was programmed by NBCUniversal's existing joint-venture, Sprout (now Universal Kids).[2]
  • All airings on Qubo have the theme song shortened down to about 20 seconds. There are two versions of this. (password is "inthepark")
    • One version cuts to the near-end of the song after a couple of seconds.



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