Mighty Machines is a Canadian children's television series about machines and how they work. It was nominated for a Gemini Award in 1996 in the category of Best Children's Program or Series.


Each episode focuses on a specific type of heavy equipment or work environment. Documentary footage of actual machines in action doing their day-to-day work is presented with voiceovers of the machines addressing the viewers. The children in the audience are invited to follow the machines during a typical day. They explain their abilities and their duties in detail over the course of the episode. Each machine is given its own personality and they often hold conversations with one another as they work. Unlike most documentary-style shows, there is no external narrator.

In this fascinating series about machines, voice actors make the machines talk to the viewers to tell them what they are doing and how they work, etc.

The show combines live footage, friendly and informative characters, dynamic music and delightful humor to capture the imagination of young and old alike.