"Megan, Guy, Fiona and I are very happy you could join us today!"
―Mickey's catchphrase

Mickey's Farm is a Canadian children's television series made for preschoolers and children, which is a mix of live action, animation and original music. The show is produced by Best Boy Entertainment in St. John's, Newfoundland.


Mickey, a curious and adventurous Shetland Sheepdog, is a city dog who has just moved to a farm with his best friend, 14 year old Megan. Each episode follows Mickey as he experiences new things on the farm. Often Mickey gets confused or into a bind, but with the help of Megan, his friends Guy, a wise goat, and Fiona, an energetic ferret, and their Magic Book, a solution is always found and Mickey learns something new. The show is narrated by Sunny, the sun, who is always watching over the activities on the farm. Episodes end with an original song, which reiterates new things learned.


  • This series also airs on Smile TV, where it first debuted. Qubo merely gained rerun rights.



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