"Grace, humor, short temper."
―Dragon (Shall We Dance)

Jane and the Dragon is a CGI cartoon about the adventures of the eponymous characters and their friends, in the castle of the kingdom of Kippernia.


Set in approximately the 800's, Jane is in training to become the first female knight ever. She gained the position at the age of ten when a dragon kidnapped the crown prince and she rescued him, finding out in the process that Dragon meant no harm, and thought that the prince was a key part of solving the dragon runes on his cave. After she returned with Prince Cuthbert and Dragon, King Caradoc allowed her to become a squire, which she had trained in secret for months beforehand.


The show is notable for having unusually sophisticated characters, storytelling, and dialogue for a cartoon that most sources consider suitable for five-year-olds. The CGI, developed by the same studio behind The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, utilizes motion-capture technology and is almost free of the usual clumsiness that plagues other CGI series.


  • The show received some glowing reviews from parents' groups and even an Annie Award nomination.
  • At the end of most episodes, there is a made-for-Qubo segment: Dragon Talk, where Dragon very briefly recaps the episode and it's moral.
  • The episode "Go West Young Gardener" has an episode of Ask Me packaged into the episode. This means that the E/I bug and Qubo logo stays intact during the episode, unlike when Ask Me is played in commercial breaks.



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