Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist is an Australian/Canadian children's animated television program that is an international co-production between March Entertainment and SLR Productions in Canada and Australia, respectively. The series first screened on Network Ten in 2008 and is designed for kids aged 6 and older. It began airing on CBC Television in Canada in January 2010. Qubo formerly aired the series in the USA. There are 26 episodes of 25 minutes duration each.


This action-packed nature show introduces kids to a whole new breed of explorer. Welcome to the year 3000, where a plague of alien insects is on the rise, and alien entomologist Dex Hamilton has returned to earth to lead a unique insect sanctuary called Hamilton's Habitat. Along with some extraordinary friends, Dex uncovers the clues to a brooding mystery that takes viewers through mythical landscapes, encounters with unworldly bugs, and hazardous adventures to save the ecosystem from certain destruction.