Culture Click is a pop culture/satirical series hosted by Nzinga Blake. It was originally produced for Litton's Weekend Adventure on ABC, where it aired until February 11, 2012. Reruns aired on Qubo between 2013 and 2015.


Hosted by Nzinga Blake, a graduate of UCLA and former correspondent for BET and Cartoon Network's Fridays block, Culture Click is television's first, modern day, social studies class room with a pop culture twist. Savvy, enterprising, and endlessly curious about our world, Nzinga embodies today's fast paced, truly global culture.

Utilizing the power of the internet, Nzinga will guide audiences on an enlightening thrill ride as she answers the questions that shape our society. From the common thread that binds Twilight to President Lincoln to the link between Justin Bieberand the ancient Egyptians, Culture Click unleashes viewers' imaginations with new, thought provoking insights. Each week, Nzinga will take us on a journey that will make our brains smile.