"I was a normal three-dimensional Earth guy, until I got this shoebox. It's a doorway to the 9th Dimension, and home of Quantum Ray!"
Robbie Shipton (Opening theme)

Cosmic Quantum Ray is a German-French animated CGI animated television series. the series premiered in America on November 5, 2007 on Animania HD, then in 2009 in Germany on KiKa and then later on October 10, 2010, on The Hub (later in 2014 became Discovery Family). It also aired on Science Channel as part of a sneak peek of the latter.  It was produced by Moonscoop, Mike Young Productions, Method Films, and Telegael Torenta.


Cosmic Quantum Ray is a zany comedy-action-adventure series that brings the strange corners of the universe to the world of Earth teenager Robbie Shipton. Robbie represents Earth as a member of Team Quantum - an elite, eccentric team of heroes that saves the Universe almost every day, and hopefully in time for Robbie to get to his third-period Science class!




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