"Oh, oh, Ask Me, oh, Ask Me, come on and Ask Me!"

Ask Me is a Canadian series marketed towards preschoolers with a run-time of 30 seconds or a minute. The show originally aired on Treehouse in Canada and is seen sporadically during commercial breaks on Qubo Channel and Qubo Kids Corner since possibly the launch of brand in the United States.

The show centers around real preschoolers being asked questions and answering them, such as what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth, what the best thing about being a baby is, and what is "not fair".


  • This is the only Qubo series to have aired on the NBC block, the Ion block, the Kids Corner and the channel.
  • An episode of this show was actually packaged in the Jane and the Dragon episode "Go West Young Gardener".
  • For a long while, this show used to air during every commercial break, but now it only airs sporadically. Shorter versions of some segments became more common.


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