"Things are getting weird in Riverdale!"
―Show tagline

Archie's Weird Mysteries is an American animated television series based on the characters by Archie Comics. The series premise revolves around a Riverdale High physics lab gone awry, making the town of Riverdale a "magnet" for B-movie style monsters. The show is distributed as meeting the FCC's educational and informational children's programming ("E/I") requirements, and is used by commercial stations in the United States to meet this guideline. Produced by DIC Entertainment, the series was initially shown mornings on the PAX network, often with infomercials bookending the program. The following season, its repeats were syndicated to television stations throughout the US, as a way to comply with mandatory E/I regulations.


Things are getting weird in Riverdale, home of all-American boy and high school newspaper reporter Archie Andrews. Ever since an experiment in the high school physics lab went awry, Riverdale has become a magnet for the stuff of which "B-Movies" are made. A swamp creature has taken up residence in the old swimming hole, Frankenstein's monster is hanging out in Lover's Lane and mad scientists, werewolves and vampires are invading Riverdale. It's thrills, chills and a whole lot of laughs. It’s up to Archie and his pals Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead to do their best to unravel the mysteries.


  • As previously stated, this show originally aired on Pax TV, Ion Television's predecessor.



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