Adventures from the Book of Virtues is an American animated  television series which originally aired on PBS Kids in the United States for three seasons, beginning in 1996 and ending in 2000. There was a two-year gap in between the second and third seasons. Reruns of the series were broadcast on Qubo on November 3, 2008.


The story is about Annie Redfeather and her best friend, Zack Nicholas. In each episode of the series, one of them commits an act contrary to that day's chosen virtue (loyalty,  compassion, courage, moderation,  honesty, etc.) and suffers pain as a result (be it physical or moral). They seek counsel of one of Annie's animal friends. These animal friends are four anthropomorphic mountain-dwelling entities who between them possess immense knowledge of legends and literature as well as common sense and a lively sense of fun. They utilize classical works of famous authors, philosophers, poets, as well as fables and myths to communicate the truth of virtue to Zack and Annie. Plato, the oldest, is a scholarly bison; Aurora, the most gentle, is a Red-tailed Hawk; Socrates is a rambunctious bobcat; and Aristotle is a prairie dog who is seldom without his bag of books. These four, whose existence seems a secret from the majority of humans in the town of Spring Valley, advise Annie and Zack patiently and often. The children then proceed to live according to the virtue of the day, completing what they have begun.

The episodes do not seem to take place in linear fashion; no character speaks in memoriam of a previous incident, and there is no intimation that the children act based on a previously referenced virtue.